Kambo Practitioner basic training

Endorsed by Medicine Frog Kambo

Why doesn’t Kambo offer basic Kambo practitioner training?

Medicine Frog Kambo does not currently offer basic practitioner training, as our focus is on developing and advancing the skills of existing practitioners, empowering non-practitioners with knowledgeable skills, and pioneering Kambo scientific research. We have got a pretty full plate with all of that!

While we do not offer our own basic practitioner training, we have chosen to endorse and recommend the Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Training program to those who wish to become a Kambo practitioner as Tribal Detox’s curriculum and values are in alignment with Medicine Frog Kambo.

At Medicine Frog Kambo, we believe that your initial practitioner training is a sacred rite of passage that should be experienced in a real-life setting with a group of students that can learn together. Currently Medicine Frog Kambo only operates it’s teaching online, and therefor we do not think it is appropriate to offer basic practitioner education.

Why do we endorse Tribal Detox Training program?

The Tribal Detox practitioner program is a comprehensive 9 day training with emphasis on safety, science and the practical application skills required to be an effective Kambo practitioner. Tribal Detox places emphasis on understanding the biological effects of Kambo, technical skills, and most importantly, Safety. Like Medicine Frog Kambo, Tribal Detox is committed to equipping practitioners with the most complete knowledge available to ensure the safety of their clients and the future of Kambo.

With Tribal detox’s basic practitioner training, not only will you learn safety protocols that are specific to Kambo, but you will also be certified in basic first aid, CPR, and use of the AED through the American Red Cross. During this training, the instructors at Tribal Detox will place you in every scenario you could ever expect to see in a Kambo ceremony and give you the tools and critical knowledge to address these scenarios as they will inevitably occur at any point during your Kambo career.

The Tribal Detox training program was created by Jason Fellows. This training is taught by Jason and his accredited teachers.

About Jason Fellows

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Jason, a native of Texas, spent six years in the U.S. military, followed by 12 years working in the oil fields worldwide. In 2015, during his travels and explorations, he found himself in the Amazon jungles of Peru, exploring some traditions of native cultures. Over the next year, Jason studied deeper into these traditions. Eventually, he found Kambo in the jungle not far from Iquitos. Soon he began to notice his healing of anxiety and depression through Kambo. At this point, he decided to focus on a life of service to others through the facilitation of Kambo. After a year of working with Kambo on his own, he attended an intense training program to learn to facilitate for others in need of Kambo. Jason developed his own methodology in working with Kambo from working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, from professional athletes, soldiers, chiropractors, lawyers, musicians to your typical 65-year-old grandmother battling depression. Witnessing the Kambo movement explode after recent years and seeing “facilitators” of Kambo come on to the scene practicing Kambo in non-traditional ways in a pseudoscientific approach, Jason decided to develop his own Kambo practitioner training course that focuses on safety and the known science of Kambo. Jason’s ultimate goal was to produce confident and competent practitioners that continue to facilitate this beautiful experience for people in need, while keeping the client and practitioner safe above all else and keeping Kambo in a positive light.

So you’ve done you’re basic practitioner training, now what?

Once you’ve completed your in-person basicpractitioner training, Medicine Frog Kambo is happy to support you in advancing and refining your skills as a practitioner. Check out our online specialty trainings to continue your education.


This course is for Kambo practitioners who  want to educate themselves on how to safely and effectively work with clients with fragile health due to Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.

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This complimentary course covers the basic measures that practitioners and participants can take to avoid most accidents or harms associated with receiving Kambo. This is an important one to watch!

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This course is for those who have already established a relationship with Kambo under the supervision of a practitioner and wish to continue building their relationship using small, gentle, non-purgative doses of Kambo. This course is for practitioners and non-practitioners.

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