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Advance your education, refine your skills, and challenge your beliefs with this comprehensive Advanced Kambo Practitioner Online Course Apprenticeship Program.

Advanced Kambo Practitioner Apprenticeship Course

The basics are a good start, but becoming a master of your craft takes time and experience. It often requires perspectives and feedback from multiple teachers to truly arrive in deep understanding of any modality.  If you’ve already gone through any in-person practitioner training program, this advanced online course for existing Kambo Practitioners offers an engaging, convenient and comprehensive way to fill in the gaps and evolve your skills as a Kambo practitioner. 

Whether you felt a previous training was insufficient for equipping you fully, or you’d like to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty details of nuanced approaches to Kambo, this course offers a multi-facetted education that brings a high level of detail and refinement to even the simplest of topics. Our curriculum is unlike others that may train you to regurgitate information and rigid protocols for a one-size-fits all approach. We teach you to use critical thinking and intuition based on thorough understanding so that you are able to navigate any Kambo scenario with confidence and create an intelligent, personalized approach for each of your clients. 

About the Course

Advance your practice while contributing to the field of Kambo science

17+ hours of expert instruction

Watch 23 modules of pre-recorded content at your own pace in a way that fits your schedule

Practicum Assignment

Learn how to research and gain medically-oriented critical thinking skills through course assignments of documenting 2 case reports in detail. These reports have the option be published in scientific literature.

Private consultation with Caitlin

Included are Five 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Caitlin to consult for your case report projects, discuss course material and receive support.

How does it work?

Step 1: Watch video modules at your own pace

Step 2: Select 2 difficult client cases that you would like support in approaching and documenting.

Step 3: Meet online with Caitlin for private one-on-one coaching on selected cases.

Meeting 1 (1 hour): Meet n Greet, questions about content, discuss potential selected cases & research plan
Meeting 2 (30 minutes): Discuss selected cases and create an action plan
Meeting 3 (30 minutes): Follow up on cases, evaluate, and refine plan if needed.
Meeting 4 (1 hour): Summarize case outcome and prepare for documenting report.
Meeting 5: (1 hour): Review/finalize case report documents for potential scientific publication.

The Course Curriculum

We never want to assume that the basics have been learned in a way that is up to our standard of detail and care. While many of the same topics are covered in most basic practitioner training program, we dive into all the small details that truly separate a beginner practitioner from a master. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly parts of the reality of serving Kambo. Every good course starts off with a good pep talk.

How to control point size, symmetry/alignment, asthetics, mixing points, conserving tamishi vine, different dragons blood techniques of application.

Dive into the different origins of unique tribal communities, understanding tribal dynamics, and how folklore, beliefs and practices differ between tribal communities. As well as the evolution of Kambo practices in the modern world in both tribal and western communities.

Take a deep dive into the pharmacology and existing research on peptides contained in the Kambo secretion. This module is quite scientifically dense and loved by science nerds.

This module extensively covers safety protocols related to understanding medication pharmacology, hard and soft contraindications, water consumption practices, fainting, and mental health risks. beneficial outcome for our clients. This includes insight on preparation, intentional psychology, set and setting, ritualistic alchemy and checking our Ego’s participation.

This module covers the administration, strategy and theory behind using Rapeh and Sananga in conjunction to Kambo.

This module goes deep into the philosophy of what “holding space” really means and how we can curate an optimal container to support a beneficial outcome for our clients. This includes insight on preparation, intentional psychology, set and setting, ritualistic alchemy and checking our Ego’s participation.

Learn the benefits and use cases for the traditional Matses banana drink used in Kambo rituals. You’ll learn both the traditional method and an easy-to-make recipe version that you can make in your modern kitchen.

Understand the power and value of connecting to your voice and providing music in your space. Learn medicine songs, rattle techniques and instrumental theories for curating a parallel sound journey throughout the ceremony.

Understand the difference between theatrical performance and energetic directive in a space. Learn tips and techniques on smudging, transmutation and self-care during and outside of the ceremony.

This modules covers the current legality worldwide, how to protect your self from liability, how to use FDA-compliant language, and tips for growing a successful Kambo business.

Understand the ethics of the collection, western use, and administration of Kambo. Learn how to assert kind, yet strong boundaries to sustainable service. This module guides you through a transference exercise to enhance awareness of practitioner/client influences.

This module covers how to evaluate the risk/reward ratio when approaching a client with complicated or fragile health. It goes into detail about what are the types of increased risks, different needs and things to consider when working with this population.

Learn how to use non-purgative microdoses for chronic and acute uses. Learn the benefits of when to use a microdose vs a full dose. Learn how to titrate and control the dosage precisely to keep the experience sub-purgative.

Understand the mechanism of autoimmunity, and chronic infections such as Lyme disease to develop safe and smart approaches to working with your clients.

Utilize different areas of the body to target different physiological and spiritual outcomes. Learn to work with organs, energetic centers, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and acupuncture points, as well as the spine. 

This module extensively covers safety protocols related to understanding medication pharmacology, hard and soft contraindications, water consumption practices, fainting, and mental health risks.

Understand how trauma and stress contribute to the development of disease and how to address underlying emotional pain.

About the Instructor

Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson is a seasoned international Kambo practitioner having served over 2000 clients with a specialty in Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. Caitlin came to her specialty through fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease and chronic illness symptoms. 

Caitlin is formally educated as a neurobiologist and is a research associate at UCSD School of Medicine. She operates as an independent scientific researcher with her previous studies  focusing on psychedelics and their potential for treating autoimmune conditions and the prebiotic effects of herbs on the human microbiome. She is currently pioneering some of the first human studies on Kambo.

Caitlin has been featured in over 80+ podcasts, interviews, conferences, speaking engagements and even international television appearances as a leading Kambo expert. Her set of skills makes her uniquely qualified to integrate the art and magic of Kambo with the scientific world. Caitlin also works closely with  Matses tribes in Peru to support authentic, sustainable and reciprocal practices.

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Our Ethos

Our number one priority is to provide a thorough training program that produces competent and confident Kambo practitioners devoted to safe and ethical practices. We embrace diversity, innovation, critical thinking, inclusivity and creative freedom in support of our highest value of “Do no harm”.  We believe in science and spirituality and see the importance of integrating the two. Our philosophies encourage minds to challenge dogma, celebrate humility, and serve our communities with integrity. 

Science and Spirituality

Our curriculum bridges the gap between science and spirit, integrating the best from both traditional knowledge and modern needs.


Giving back to indigenous communities through direct fair-trade supply sourcing, philanthropic projects, and mutually supportive cultural exchanges.

Emphasis on Safety

Our program prioritizes safe practices and harm reduction. We encourage creativity in practice styles as long as they do no harm.

Who can Enroll?

This course is designed for people who are atleast 18 years old and have gone through some sort of formal in-person Kambo training program outside of Medicine Frog Kambo. This is an advanced course for existing Kambo providers. It is assumed that before taking this course that you are relatively proficient at the practical basics of applying Kambo to another person. 

This course is not a substitution for an in-person intensive basic training program. Initial education is critical to experience in person in order to build the skills necessary to serve Kambo to others safely. If you are looking for an in-person basic practitioner training check out our 12-day Kambo practitioner training program.

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Advance your skills and knowledge while contributing to the field of Kambo science.

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