Medicine Frog Kambo is Pioneering the Field of Kambo Science

Our founder, Caitlin Thompson is one of the worlds leading scientists studying Kambo. In previous years, she has published studies of Kambo in humans and is currently the principle investigator of the first prospective study looking at the psychometrics outcomes of the Kambo ritual in humans. She has recently partnered with UCSD to develop more sophisticated research.

Our studies have so far been 100% independent of any institution and are privately funded by donors with no conflicts of interest.

Our projects:

1. “Use of Phyllomedusa bicolour poison during kambô ritual: Observational responses, dosage and risk of adverse events.” Retrospective data analysis published January 2022 in Toxicology Communications

2. “The physiological effects of Kambo: A comprehensive review of the peptides found in Phyllomedusa bicolor skin secretion” Literature review published March 2022 in Sage’s Toxicology Research and Application

3. “Psychoemotional outcomes of the Kambo ritual in humans” Observational study (started July 2021), en route to be completed  by the end of 2024.

If you are a part of any academic institution or research organization interested in collaboration, please contact