Empower yourself to safely deepen your relationship with Kambo

Kambo Self-Administration Course

Take Your Healing Back into Your Own Hands

While the importance of working with a trained practitioner is absolutely crucial for initiating a relationship with Kambo, eventually some may wish to create more autonomy and empower themselves with the skills to safely self-administer. Self-administration is a beautiful way to deepen one’s relationship with Kambo. It is also a practical solution for those who are supporting chronic health conditions, have limited funds and/or may not have convenient access to a practitioner near them. 

We believe that most people are more than capable of self-serving Kambo safely with the proper training and guidance. The truth is, many people are already self-administering Kambo with no training whatsoever and no knowledge of the source of their supply. This is very concerning as it jeopardizes their safety, as well as the accessibility of Kambo.

As an organization passionate about harm-reduction, instead of trying to force people to travel and receive proper training for self-administration, we decided to bring the education straight to your home through an easy-to-access online platform. This course will give an individual everything they need to understand how to self-administer Kambo properly in a safe and beneficial way.

About Kambo Self-Administration Program

Receive Expert Guidance

Learn how to self-apply from one of the worlds leading practitioners and Kambo scientists.

Go At Your Own Pace

You get to decide how quickly you want to move through the course, allowing you to fit it into any schedule.

Empower Yourself

Learn the skills to confidently self-administer in a safe way that supports the deepening of your personal Kambo journey.

Training Curriculum

We talk about the fundamental differences between receiving Kambo from a practitioner, versus serving ourselves. The double edge sword of empowerment and self sabotage, and the difference between being equipped to serve ourself, versus serve others.

Dive into the different origins of unique tribal communities, understanding tribal dynamics, and how folklore, beliefs and practices differ between tribal communities. As well as the evolution of Kambo practices in the modern world in both tribal and western communities.

How to control point size, symmetry/alignment, asthetics, working with different skin types, conserving tamishi vine, different dragons blood techniques of application.

This module extensively covers safety protocols related to understanding medication pharmacology, hard and soft contraindications, water consumption practices, fainting, and mental health risks.

Deciding how often, when and Why to self administer Kambo. Knowing how much is too much.

Learn how to apply Rapeh and Sananga should you wish to include them in your Kambo session.

Take a deep dive into the pharmacology and existing research on peptides contained in the Kambo secretion with one of the worlds leading Kambo scientists. This module is quite scientifically dense and loved by science nerds.

How to choose point location, dosage, amount of time in a way that is aligned with your intentions and desired outcome.

How to set up your environment to account for possibility of fainting, bathroom journeys, and other practical tips for a smooth and safe experience. 

Using prayer, ritual, intention setting, and other tools such as journaling, sage, paulo santo, rapeh, sananga etc to create potent meaning for your session.

How to care for yourself in order to integrate your experience and get the most benefit.

You’ll be guided over video conference via zoom by Caitlin, with an in-person sitter of your choosing present. We will do 2 live sessions of self-serve over Zoom.

What's included?

10+ Hours of Video Content

You'll get lifetime access to all 13 pre-recorded video lessons that cover the History, Science, Safety, Theory and Practical skills of self application.

2 Live Zoom Sessions

You'll do 2 live online supervised self application sessions via Zoom with Caitlin while having an sitter physically present that you trust.

Ethically Sourced Supply

You'll receive 1 stick of ethically-sourced Kambo and 1 Tamishi burn vine as part of your course package. This supply is sourced directly from Matses communities that we personally have close relations with.

How does it work?

  1. You sign up for the course and can start watching the videos immediately

2. We mail you a stick of ethically-sourced Kambo

3. Once you have completed all video course content, You schedule your 1st live Zoom self application lesson.

Requirements for Enrollment

Prospective students must meet the following requirements…

  • Be atleast 18 years old
  • Have experienced Kambo at least 5 times with a trained practitioner.
  • Have not consumed Bufo/5-Meo-DMT or iboga/Ibogaine within 6 weeks before the live self application sessions.
  • Have no history of psychosis, mania, or severe mental disorder.
  • Have no history of heart attack or heart disease.
  • Have no history or risk of stroke, aneurysm or embolism.
  • Have a strong calling to connect deeper to the practice of Kambo.

About the Instructor

Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson is a seasoned international Kambo practitioner having served over 1,800 clients with a specialty in Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. Caitlin came to her specialty through fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease and chronic illness symptoms. 

Caitlin is formally educated as a neurobiologist and is a research associate at UCSD School of Medicine. She operates as an independent scientific researcher with her previous studies  focusing on psychedelics and their potential for treating autoimmune conditions and the prebiotic effects of herbs on the human microbiome. She is currently pioneering some of the first human studies on Kambo.

Caitlin has been featured in over 80+ podcasts, interviews, conferences, speaking engagements and even international television appearances as a leading Kambo expert. Her set of skills makes her uniquely qualified to integrate the art and magic of Kambo with the scientific world. Caitlin also works closely with  Matses tribes in Peru to support authentic, sustainable and reciprocal practices.

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Our Ethos

Our number one priority is to provide a thorough training program that produces competent and confident Kambo practitioners devoted to safe and ethical practices. We embrace diversity, innovation, critical thinking, inclusivity and creative freedom in support of our highest value of “Do no harm”.  We believe in science and spirituality and see the importance of integrating the two. Our philosophies encourage minds to challenge dogma, celebrate humility, and serve our communities with integrity. 

Science and Spirituality

Our curriculum bridges the gap between science and spirit, integrating the best from both traditional knowledge and modern needs.


Giving back to indigenous communities through direct fair-trade supply sourcing, philanthropic projects, and mutually supportive cultural exchanges.

Emphasis on Safety

Our program prioritizes safe practices and harm reduction. We are one of the only programs to include CPR and first aid training.


Kambo Self-Administration Online Course 

Learn at your own pace


Thank you Caitlin for orchestrating a course that deepens my knowing of Kambo and self application. You have increased my confidence to safely work with this medicine. You have helped further open trust in the dance of my own healing gifts and the way of the frog.

I've done a lot of trainings/courses and this one was my favorite. Caitlin has an advanced knowledge and understanding of kambo. She made her training very educational and fun! I learned so much about the peptides. THis training has deepened my understanding of this medicine and I feel more confident to work more personally with Kambo.

Have Questions?

Email Caitlin@medicinefrogkambo.com