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Become a Kambo Practitioner

Upcoming Trainings in Bali, Indonesia

July 24th-August 4th, 2024

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Are you ready to step into service and share the beauty of Kambo with others?

Becoming a Kambo practitioner is a big choice and tremendous responsibility. We are here to ensure you receive the most comprehensive, transformative and scientifically-supported training that exists.

Now, you don't have to choose between a vacation and a high-quality training program.

We’ve taken our exact same revered Kambo practitioner training curriculum and made it available to you in the lush, tropical environment of Bali, Indonesia. You’ll experience all of the depth and detail of our Kambo practitioner program with the comfort, beauty and luxury of an exotic location. During the training, you’ll get to experience Balinese culture through the additional offerings of traditional food, customs and experiences that we incorporate into our regular training program.

This training program covers everything from basic to advanced Kambo education. We don’t believe in witholding information in order to funnel people through pyramid-scheme return trainings. We give you everything we have to offer in a comprehensive and complete curriculum that equips you with all the knowledge to practice with competence and confidence from the get-go. Our content is detailed, nuanced and will even highlight the complexities of the so called “basics”. We dive deeper than you thought we could ever go with Kambo.

About our practitioner training program

Kambo is a powerful tool and stepping into a practitioner role must be taken very seriously. This training is an invitation for those who choose a true path of integrity with Kambo. Those who understand the depths that must be reached to truly know a medicine. Those who understand that humility is an endless well of wisdom. Those who desire to authentically be in service with grace and set the Ego aside. This training is for the one’s who truly will strive to become a master at their craft and will not take shortcuts or accept mediocrity. 

12 days

12-day-long program that deep dives into the curriculum with all-day intensive lectures, ceremonies, workshops, practicum, exercises and group trainings .

More than just a training

This program is designed to not only be educational, but also personally transformational. This unique offering combines the excitement of world travel with the Rite of Passage of becoming a qualified Kambo practitioner.

Secluded, Natural Location

Our Bali-based training is located at a quiet beautiful private location surrounded by rice fields, jungle and exotic wildlife just 25 minutes outside of town.

What's included?

Food and Lodging

Healthy, organic Traditional Balinese and western meals to accomodate all diets and comfortable luxury sleeping arrangements.

Ceremony starter kit

Students are provided with a starter pack of Kambo stick, rapeh, dragons blood, sananga, and sage.

CPR certification

Program includes CPR training and first aid certification to equip you for any emergency.

Advanced Training Bonus

Access to all online courses including the Lyme and Autoimmune Specialty Training and Microdosing course ($700 value)


Receive support and guidance when needed by having active mentorship and access to Caitlin

12 months Free on KamboFinder

Get 12 months FREE premium listing membership on Kambofinder.com to jumpstart your new Kambo practice.

Plus Special Offerings only in our Bali Training!

Traditional Healing Ceremony at Water Temple

Experience the powerful effects of the healing waters combined with ritual prayer performed by a Balinese priest/priestess.


Visit Monkey Forest

Get up close and personal with friendly gray macaques in the Monkey Forest.


Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Explore ziplining, luwak coffee, and traditional Balinese farming methods while taking in the breathtaking views of Bali’s famous rice terraces

In-House Massages

Option to receive traditional Balinese massages during down time (additional cost of $15)

Training Curriculum

About the Instructor

Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson is a seasoned international Kambo practitioner having served over 1,800 clients with a specialty in Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. Caitlin came to her specialty through fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease and chronic illness symptoms. 

Caitlin is also a Bali resident, having lived on the Island on and off for 4 years and traveled extensively around Indonesia. She speaks Indonesian and recently acquired her own property near Ubud, Bali. 

Caitlin is formally educated as a neurobiologist and is a research associate at UCSD School of Medicine. She operates as an independent scientific researcher with her previous studies  focusing on psychedelics and their potential for treating autoimmune conditions and the prebiotic effects of herbs on the human microbiome. She is currently pioneering some of the first human studies on Kambo.

Caitlin has been featured in over 80+ podcasts, interviews, conferences, speaking engagements and even international television appearances as a leading Kambo expert. Her set of skills makes her uniquely qualified to integrate the art and magic of Kambo with the scientific world. Caitlin also works closely with  Matses tribes in Peru to support authentic, sustainable and reciprocal practices.


Our Ethos

Our number one priority is to provide a thorough training program that produces competent and confident Kambo practitioners devoted to safe and ethical practices. We embrace diversity, innovation, critical thinking, inclusivity and creative freedom in support of our highest value of “Do no harm”.  We believe in science and spirituality and see the importance of integrating the two. Our philosophies encourage minds to challenge dogma, celebrate humility, and serve our communities with integrity. 

Science and Spirituality

Our curriculum bridges the gap between science and spirit, integrating the best from both traditional knowledge and modern needs.


Giving back to indigenous communities through direct fair-trade supply sourcing, philanthropic projects, and mutually supportive cultural exchanges.

Emphasis on Safety

Our program prioritizes safe practices and harm reduction. We are one of the only programs to include CPR and first aid training.

Requirements for Enrollment

Prospective students must meet the following requirements…

  • Be atleast 18 years old
  • Have a passport with atleast 6 months expiry after the date of your entrance to Indonesia.
  • Have experienced Kambo at least 5 times with a trained practitioner.
  • Have not consumed Bufo/5-Meo-DMT or iboga/Ibogaine within 6 weeks before the training.
  • Have no history of psychosis, mania, or severe mental disorder.
  • Have no history of heart attack or heart disease.
  • Have no history or risk of stroke, aneurysm or embolism.
  • Have a strong calling to be in service as a Kambo practitioner.


A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Early Bird Pricing (more than 2 months prior to start date): $2700 US

Regular pricing (within 2 months prior to start date): $3000 US

Early bird for July 24th 2024 training ends May 24th, 2024.

What our practitioners are saying

There are many ways to evolve as a Kambo practitioner – making time with someone who has enormous experience serving the medicine, who cares from a trauma informed psychospiritual sensitivity, and works hard to advance the western scientific lens of this intelligent medicine, is a wise move.

Thank you Caitlin for orchestrating a course that deepens my knowing of Kambo and chronic illness. You have increased my confidence to safely work with a broader spectrum of clients. You have helped further open trust in the dance of my own healing gifts and the way of the frog.

I've done a lot of trainings/courses and this one was my favorite. Caitlin has an advanced knowledge and understanding of kambo. She made her training very educational and fun! I learned so much about the peptides. THis training has deepened my understanding of this medicine and I feel more confident to work with Kambo professionally.

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Upcoming Trainings :

April 3rd-14th, 2024 (Santa Clarita, LA county, CA)

July 24th-Aug 4th, 2024 (Bali, Indonesia)

November 6th-17th, 2024 (Southern CA, TBD)

February 5th-16th, 2025 (Southern CA, TBD)

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